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Sustainable Foundations is a series of fast-moving, interactive and practical sustainability workshops for modern business.

We demystify the core concepts of sustainability, with a focus on innovation, growth and value creation.

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We're hosting a special edition of Sustainable Foundations at the 10th Edition of New York Climate Week. Join us on Friday 28 September.

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Sustainability is...

Moving to the forefront of business
1/3 of consumers prefer sustainable brands, £81bn market for ethical products75% of millennials would take a pay cut to work for a responsible companyUnited Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals present a $12tn market opportunity

Big players are leading the charge:

Delivering value for companies

Sustainable companies have 46% better share price performance and 112.5% better return on assetsIKEA nearing 3x increase in sustainable product salesUnilever’s Sustainable Living brands grew 50% faster than the rest of the business, delivering over 60% of growth in 2016

“The Sustainability Revolution appears to have the scale of the Industrial Revolution and the Agricultural Revolution – and the speed of the Information Revolution.

It is likely to be the most significant event in economic history.”

Al Gore’s Generation Foundation

But there are challenges...

Sustainability is a new way to view the world

It’s also a highly complex area, with swathes of information and barriers to understanding

Rethinking the classical purpose of businessUnderstanding conceptsRelating to contextManaging trade-offs

Embedding sustainability across the organisation

Even if a number of internal stakeholders are on board, achieving buy-in and taking action across the business is challenging

Proving the business caseDefining changes to undertakeUpskilling teamsEmpowering championsEmbedding this into activities

What's at stake?


Lose out on market opportunity, lose competitive advantage, lose battle for talent

Getting it wrong

In 2006-8 green advertising tripled: 98% committed at least 1 of the “7 sins of greenwashing"

Companies need to be proactive in responding to changes to maintain competitive advantage - customers, regulations, competitors, investors, community, staff

Overcoming these challenges needs engaging, practical and cost-effective education - not easily found.

Sustainable Foundations exists to educate, engage and empower teams to drive value creation through sustainability.

Sustainable Foundations is an H Bureau joint venture

About Us

We educate, engage and empower organizations to drive value creation through sustainability.

Murray Gray

Strategy, Research & Innovation Lead at Veris Strategies‘B Leader' - developing enterprise performance in line with B Corporation valuesGraduate of Cambridge University Business Sustainability Management course UBS Investment Bank alumniBA Politics, University of Nottingham

Howard Gray

Experienced learning design and facilitator2x founder & entrepreneurClient engagements with senior execs at companies including JPMorgan, Ikea, Mastercard, Nokia and GoogleLead facilitator of AMP NYC accelerator program with the City of New YorkMentor and advisor to emerging entrepreneurs

Sustainable Foundations is an H Bureau joint venture

Our Workshops

Fast-moving, interactive and practical sustainability workshops for modern business

Introduces sustainability as a lever for business to improve and create new valueDemystifies the topic and provides practical actions to move forwardCovers core foundations, but tailored to industry contextBuilt for cross functional teams in mid to large companiesEngaging, fun, actionableEasily integrated, cost-effective


Interactive webinar sessionEmail courseDigital toolkit


1 day immersive workshopTeam-focused scenariosEmail courseDigital toolkit


2 day sustainability bootcampTeam-focused scenariosBreakout sessions to explore specific tactics and strategies to apply to your businessEmail courseDigital toolkit

Sample Agenda - 1 day immersive workshop

The Challenge: Setting the sceneKey Issues: Challenges & OpportunitiesBrief: Understand the scenario / Goal settingBusiness Case: what it means for business, the industry, our organisationContext: Understanding the Problem - design thinking toolsSustainability as Innovation for design, technology, marketingTaking Action: creating a lean action plan for tomorrow and beyondReflection and Next Steps

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Sustainable Foundations is an H Bureau joint venture

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Sustainable Foundations is an H Bureau joint venture

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